General Shipping Information

Orders placed after 10:00am Central Time, will ship the next business day. Orders placed on Friday will ship the following Monday.

Warm Weather Shipping

  • Shipping chocolate is not recommended if temperatures are over 68 degrees. Please take into consideration the temperature of your location.
  • If shipping to your location will be more than 24 hours it is not recommended to ship even with ice packs.
  • Georgia Nut can utilize ice packs per customer’s request. Ice Packs can be purchased on website for $3.00 each. Ice packs are most effective for the first 24 hours upon leaving our facility. After 24 hours quality cannot be guaranteed. If ice packs are not purchased your order will not ship until the temperatures are 68 degrees or under.
  • Upon delivery, immediately move your chocolates to a cool storage area.
  • Orders received on Friday will ship the following Monday.


No returns will be accepted unless Georgia Nut Company makes a shipping error. In this case, we must be alerted within 5 business days of receipt of order.